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Vaidic Dharma Sansthan is a Public Charitable Religious, Spiritual and Educational body, inspired and guided by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We conduct homas and pujas for individuals and communities. We conduct pundit training programs and our Swamijis are engaged in service to society at large.

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Preserving our Traditions and Heritage

Our Heritage

Through our various Programs, Events, Festivals and Gurukul we Revive and Preserve
many of the ancient Vaidic traditions, Samskaras, Wisdom of Vedas and Cultural legacy.


EXPERIENCE HEALING EFFECT ON BODY AND MIND Celebrations at the Art of Living are marked by a series of Yagnas and Homas to nullify all the misery, sorrow and pain, …

Vaidic Vangmaya

“Vaidic Vangmaya”- Glory of Vaidic Traditions is the compilation of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s discourses about our Vedas, the science behind our Vaidic practices , traditions and the richness of our …

Shodasha Samskāras

Samskaras literally mean “impression” and also “to refine or purify”. The purpose in life is to understand who we really are and fully blossom in love. As human beings, we …