“With charity, money is purified. By service, our actions are purified. With music, our emotions are purified and with knowledge our intellect is purified.” - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji


Contribute to support Vaidic Activities

General Donation

Contribute to organize and conduct  pujas, homa and vaidic ceremonies

Gurukul Donation

Contribute to establish and support schools, colleges, pathshala, research centers for the advancement of Indian culture.

Gaushala Donation

Contribute to Support the Desi cow which is regarded as an abode of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Vivaha Donation

Contribute to Support in conducting Vaidic Vivaha and create a lasting impact on those who aren’t very privileged.

Sri Pratapa Ganpati Temple

Contribute to the upkeep of Sri Pratapa Ganpati Temple

Sri Saamba Parameshwara Temple

Contribute to the upkeep of Sri Saamba Parameshwara Temple

Donations towards Puja/Homa

Brahman Bhojan

Contribute to brahman bhojan or the donation of food. It is supreme and incomparable to any other charity.

Vastra Daan

Contribute towards Vastra Daan

Puja Samagri Daan

Contribute towards Samagri that are needed for any puja/homa

Pushpa Seva (Flowers & Maalas)

Contribution will be used towards the Pushpa alankar (Flowers & Maalas) of the Deities/Kalash

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