Yagna means honoring the divine energy in the subtle and gross world

These vaidic rituals are well thought of which are the stage in life where we imbibe unknown in our known day to day life- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

We have 16 Samskaras, explore more about them , click here

Samskaras, Pujas and Homas

The different types of samskaras, pujas and homas that we conduct at Ashrams and other Locations

Pujas and Homas

At Ashram we have arrangement to perform pujas and homas for birthday, anniversaries, wedding related events and any other events


Celebrate samskaras with your family and friends at Ashram

Garbhadhan ( Intent to have a child ritual)

Pumsavana (Nurturing the feotus rite)

Simantonnayana (Parting hair and baby shower)

Namakarna (Naming Ceremony)

Annaprashana (Babys first solid food)

Chudakarana (Mundan ceremony)

Karnavedha (Earlobe piercing)

Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony)

And others


All services available at Ashram

Multiple Venue options






Other Services

Our Speciality

Well trained pandits performing vaidic rituals clubbed with end to end setup perfectly curated for you as per your requirements ensures to leave you with mesmerizing experience in the serenity of ashram


Beautiful photo gallery of our various Wedding Rituals, decorations and Venues


These FAQs will help you to address most of the common queries.

Anything we need to bring for Upanayanam

a. Package includes Puja Samagri, you can pay directly to the barber during the event

How much time it takes for Pujas like Upanayanam

a. Typically 2 hours