What is Sanyas?

Sanyas is getting established in the Self. One who is centered and unshaken by any person or situation is a sanyasi. Sanyas is absolute dispassion and sheer bliss and without any demand.

Introduction to Brahmachari Training (IBT)

For those who seek to serve the Divine... Serve the Nation!


1) Age: 21 to 45 Years.

2) Art of Living Happiness, Rural Happiness, YES, ART EXCEL teacher (those who have completed VT-PreTTP, 15 days TTP)

3) Completed Blessings Program

4) Completed  Sahaj samadhi meditation

5) Upanyanam completed & practicing sandhya Vandanam daily

6) Must be single

8) No dependent , no financial liabilities
9) No history of medical issues, mental, phycological illnesses
10)  Graduate

Date for next training -please contact our office

1) Should not have any family responsibilities

2) Should be Physically, Mentally, Emotionally fit to go through the training.

3)Want to dedicate whole life to serve the society


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Call / Whatsapp: +91-9620515656
Email: [email protected]