Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with vaidic rituals and performing homas helps get rid of negative karma or energies and renew the positive spirit and youthfulness in a person

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries are celebrated by conducting Homas at Ashram


Shashtipurthi is celebrated when one completes 60 years and before entering 61st yr

Homas performed Ganesh , Ayush, Mahamrityunjaya , Navagraha

Typical Homa duration is 2 hours

Other Birthday celebrations

Bheem Rath Shanti Homa (70th birthday)

Vijay Rath Shanti Homa (75th birthday),

Sadabhishekham (80th birthday)

Kanakabhishekham (90th  birthday)

Other Birthdays with Ayush Homa


Celebrate Anniversaries at Ashram

With Ayush and Navagraha Homa

Duration 2 hours

25th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

And other anniversaries



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Our Speciality

Well trained pandits performing vaidic rituals clubbed with end to end setup perfectly curated for you as per your requirements ensures to leave you with mesmerizing experience in the serenity of ashram


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When should Shashtipoorthi be performed ?

a. After completing 60 and before 61st birthday

b. Same for Bheem Rath Shanti (70), Vijay Rath Shanti (75) and Sadabhishekham (80)