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Bangalore Ashram,Bangalore Ashram,Karnataka
Gaushala happens daily starting from 3 August 2019 to 31 March 2030 .
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  1. All the fields marked with * Mandatory. Minimum amount for online contributions is Rs 100/-
  2. Please provide valid address & contact details, so that we can send the prasadam based upon the option you have selected.
  3. Please ensure your account has SUFFICIENT FUNDS.
  4. Receipt will be valid, subject to realization of cheques/DD/online transactions.
  5. A confirmation email along with the receipt will be sent to you regarding the successful contribution. Kindly cross check the same to avoid duplicate transactions.
  6. Re- Attempting to Register : If you are re trying, then first please check whether your bank account is already debited with the amount of earlier transaction . If debited please do not pay again . You can report the same to us on below mentioned contact numbers. Our back-end team will get back to you in response to your reported issue .
  7. This form is for the use of Indian Nationals only
  8. As per Income tax laws, 80G tax exemption is not available
  9. If you do not know your rashi/nakshatra/gotra you can leave them blank
  10. Please contact us for any queries/assistance regarding online donation.
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