Upcoming Seva in Bangalore

Ekadashi Vishnu Sahasranama Puja @ Bangalore Ashram on 23rd June

EKADASHI VISHNU SAHASRANAMA PUJA 'Vaikunth' (in Indian mythology, referring to the abode of Lord Vishnu) ...
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Ganapati Homa @ Bangalore Ashram on 2nd July

Ganapathi Homam is a ritual performed to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha to achieve success before imparting on ...
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Durga Homa @ Bangalore Ashram on 26th June

Durga in Sanskrit means "invincible". The synonym of "du" is poverty, sufferings, evil habits and ...
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Gau Pooja @ Bangalore Ashram on 24th June

The word ‘Gau‘ has four meanings: Jnaana (knowledge), Gaman (to progress), Praapti (to receive) and ...
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Rudra Puja @ Bangalore Ashram on 25th June

Vaidic Dharma Sansthan invites you for Rudra Puja at The Art of Living International Ashram on ...
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Pradosh Puja @ Bangalore on 25th June

Pradosham is a day when Lord Shiva himself liberates people from bad karma. It is ...
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Samoohik Ayushya Homa – Everyday @ Bangalore Ashram

What is Ayushya Homa Ayushya Homa is usually performed on the occasion of ones Birthday ...
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Sankalpa is having an intention. That is it! It works.

Desires mean it has to happen now.

In sankalpa you say, ‘Let it happen whenever it has to'