Shiva principle

What is the Shiva principle?

Shiva is a not a person. Some people say Shiva was a man or a yogi who lived ten thousand years ago, fifteen thousand years ago, this is nonsense. Never ever limit Shiva to time that’s why he is called Mahakaal. The time of times, cause of all cause and the way Shiva is described its very interesting. Its said his body is permeating in the entire universe so he is that principle, that energy, that consciousness. Shiva was never a man who walked on the planet. Again Kailas is not one mountain, Kailas where he lived all his life, that’s nonsense. Kai-las, the word itself we must remember what it means ‘las’ means celebration, enthusiasm, joy. Kailas means where there is only celebration, where there is only joy, that is Kailas and when Shiva tattva dawn’s in you, your life becomes only celebration. Everything becomes a celebration or when there is celebration that is where the Shiva principle resides or has blossomed, has manifested, come to light, yeah. So Shiva has these five modes that is Srishti, Stithi, Samhar i.e. creation, maintenance and dissolution. Anugrah that is blessing or grace or compassion and Tirobhav means staying in the veil, hiding, manifesting and staying behind a veil. These are the पञ्च कृत्य परायण (panch kruty parayan). These five actions that happens in consciousness. Consciousness is there all the time but sometimes it is active, it comes into play, sometimes it is dormant. So energy is there. See the electricity is there all the time but when you put off the switch it is dormant, it is still there but the light is not coming because it is Tirobhav, its veiled now. A switch veils it when you put on the switch then electricity is there, it manifest. So manifesting and remain in an unmanifest form this happens and manifestation of consciousness is this entire globe, the entire creation that is the dance of Shiva. So you can never separate dancer and the dance. The dancer is consciousness or the Purusha dance is the Prakruti or the nature, the eightfold creation.So they all go together.