Rudram chanting course is residential program which consists of 2 phases with duration of 15 days each.

Phase 1

includes Introduction and learning to pronounce and chant Ganapathy Atharvashirsham, Rudram and Chamakam, Sri Durga Suktam

Phase 2

includes Introduction and learning to pronounce and chant Pancha suktas (Sri Sukta, Purusha Sukta, Bhu Sukta, Neela Sukta and Manyu Sukta), Nyasaa, Dhyanam, Repetition of Ganapathy Atharvashirsham, Rudram and Chamakam, Sri Durga Suktam

Ganapathi Atharvashirsham:

It’s an Upanishad, which celebrates Ganesha as the embodiment of the entire Brahman, or the universe. Lord Ganesha is invoked at the beginning of every work to remove obstacles, removes sorrows & bring happiness.

Rudram and Chamakam:

Rudram is the most sacred means of worshipping Lord Siva. Rudram is a hymn offered to the all pervading Brahman, designated as Rudra-Śiva, present in auspicious, benign forms as well as terrible forms which he assumes at the time of the dissolution and the destruction of the cosmos. It is also known as Namakam because of the repeated word namaḥ in it.

Chamakam furnishes completely the idea of human happiness and defines in the highest degree the desires to be asked or to be granted. After praying and identifying Rudra with everything in the Namakam, Chamakam is usually recited immediately after, in which the devotee asks Him to give him everything The Sri Rudram has 11 anuvakas(passages)of Namakam and 11 anuvakas(passages) of Chamakam

It is said: “By reciting Veda once, he becomes pure on that day, but by reciting Rudram the very next moment he gets purified.” Yet another verse declares: “Where a devout reciter of the Rudram lives, be it in a village or town, that place will be free from disease, drought, thefts, and other ills.”  Śiva Purāṇa further explains: “By chanting Rudram, one gains both worldly pleasures and liberation

Sri Durga Suktam:

Durga Suktam is a hymn that is said to goddess Durga for removing all obstacles and evils. It is a short mantra but immensely powerful. In this mantra, it praises and describes Lord Agni and describes How Agni guides us like a boatman. It is also likely that the mention of Agni comes a lot in Durga Suktam as Mother Durga is personified to be intense like fire. She is shakti.