Vivaha is one of the 16 samskaras stated in the Vaidic tradition. Vaidic wedding is celebrated with a number of elaborate Vaidic rituals and procedures. In order to understand the significance of the rituals of Vaidic wedding one need to be acquainted with life in accordance to Vaidic tradition.

Vivaha marks the beginning of Grahastha Ashram, which is the second stage of life. After marriage responsibilities are bound to increase therefore one is ought to lead a disciplined life. Married couples take charge of their household, extend family by begetting children and nurture a cohesive family.

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Our Uniqueness

Passionately committed to make your Wedding into a grand celebration in the Vaidic Style For our generation and most importantly for the generations to come

Our Pundits

The learned pundits (Vaidic priests) from the Gurukul chant the ancient Vaidic hymns and conduct the ceremonies. They are proficient in Vedas and other sacred scriptures. The Vaidic Yagnas (fire ceremony) performed during wedding ceremony invoke the Devatas (God).


One of the most important ritual that binds the couple together is “Sapthapadi” - oaths taken in the presence of their friends and relatives during wedding ceremony. The pundit chants and explains the seven oaths and the couple repeats them and that means - we have walked seven steps, become companions, friends and from now on we shall remain together, inseparable.


Vaidic wedding is based on love, absolute trust, mutual affection, the capacity to adjust and the sharing the responsibilities. At every stage of the wedding ceremony, the Mantras from the Vedas are recited and prayers are offered to insure a smooth and happy life. The duties are assigned to both bride and groom and both are also given certain liberties too. The union being sacred, wedding is irrevocable and everlasting.

Grahastha Ashram

After wedding ceremony the couple enters into Grahastha Ashram. Grahastha Ashram is the second stage of life – the householder stage – when newlyweds start their house hold. They enter into the relationship of a husband and wife by taking the vows of staying together in their pursuits of dharma, artha, kama and moksha. It is only after wedding the institution of family is nurtured and maintained.

What type of Vivaha we do? How do we help you??

Vaidic Vivaha

Vivaha, a Vaidic Tradition, fulfils the three goals: Dharma - duties towards family and society. Prajana - begetting of progeny. Shraddha - to perform the rituals.

Samoohik Vivaha

Samoohik Vivaha, as the name indicates multiple couples get married on the same venue and at the same time. It is usually organized on some auspicious day.

Vivaha at your Town

We can also organise wedding ceremony for you in your own city in consonance with pure Vaidic traditions by our trained pundits. Now you can enjoy the Vaidic wedding ceremony and celebrations in your home town with your family and friends.

Our Facilities

Plan the weddings of your loved ones at the Bangalore Ashram, in its serene ambience, and the seamless arrangements by our experienced and dedicated team – Committed to make your Marriage a celebration.

Serene Venue

We provide you with four Marriage Venues in the Bangalore Ashram, nestled majestically in 40 acres of exotic landscape, with whispering hills, dazzling water bodies, halls adorned with lovely flowers. With our adept arrangements and facilities you will be pampered with a relaxed and majestic wedding.

Satvic Food

Our Wedding’s sattvik culinary offerings give immense satisfaction to the guests. We offer the best vegetarian catering services with the finest quality of food. Here, we offer an elaborate menu of the 75 delicious dishes which have been time and again appreciated in all the weddings. With food playing such an important role in the overall wedding experience, cuisine is given substantial attention.

Decorations and Photography

Wedding stage decor creates a lasting impact of your wedding. It is the centre of attraction during the entire wedding ceremony, so it needs to be handled with finesse and an eye for details. We create beautiful and exclusive decorations for the stage and the mantap. Our photographers are proficient in capturing every cherished moment aesthetically.

Special Procession

The Indian wedding ‘Baraat procession’ is an interesting affair; full of fun and enthusiasm. Our processions are heart-warming and exciting with Sangeet and Nadaswaram. We make the event more majestic with our elephant and horse.