Tulabharam is touted by the scriptures as one of the 16 great gifts (Shodasha Mahadana) that one can give in life, and Vaidic Dharma Sansthan can now facilitate this for you.


*What Happens in Tulabharam?*

The devotee offers himself to the Lord by offering one's weight of materials like jaggery, coconuts, etc. You sit on one side of the weighing scale, and the other side is filled with a material of your choice, with equal or more weight. You may also take a sankalpa to fulfill your need at this time. All materials will be offered to the deity after Tulabharam.


*Do I have to bring my own materials?*

You may bring your own materials, or VDS can arrange for them, at a prior notice of at least 3 days.



*What can be offered?*

Rice,  jaggery,  ghee,  gingelly oil,  honey,  dry fruits,  coconut,  dry coconut,  firewood ,  samith sticks, camphor,  turmeric,

chandan,  kumkum,  vibhuti,  dasangam,  fruits,  butter,  flowers,  tulsi, and  sugar.



Benefits of Thulabharam

  •  Sugar - Control Dieabetics
  •  Red Banana - Get rid of illness
  • Jaggery - Get rid of stomach disease 
  • Tender Coconut - Get rid of urinary problems
  • Coir - Relief from Asthma (Kasarogam)
  • Bananna - Artheritisis
  • Pepper - Relief from Vasoori (Chickenpox)
  • Elephant Yam - Get rid of skin problems
  • Coins - Heart problems, Progress in business
  • Salt - Hunger diorders
  • Sesame Seeds - Sani Dhosham (Saturn)
  • Lotus flowers - Long Life, profit at work or advancement related to an employment, improvement of mental strength
  • Paddy, Rice Flakes - Escape from poverty
  • Red Lucky seeds - Mental peace, long life
  • Butter - General progress

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