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The Shiva deeksha program initiates interested, committed, dedicated & sincere seekers to the most sacred Pancha (Five) akshari (Letter) maha mantra mentioned in holy scriptures, thus uplifting individuals, and the society at large.

open to general public fulfilling pre-requisites irrespective of caste, creed, age, nationality or gender. It teaches simple methods to chant the Mantra with faith and devotion. This sacred Mantra deeksha stays lifelong and bestows spiritual & material welfare.

Pre-requisites :

• Pure Vegetarian

• Age group : 6 - 70 years. Kids must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

(Timings and Venue shall be announced one day before)


Frequently asked questions :

1. What is Deeksha ?
Gurudev says, Initiation is called "Deeksha". "Deeksha" means transcending the intellect. A Guru takes you beyond intellect to the Realm of Being. It is a journey from the Head to the Heart.

2. What are the benefits?

# This deeksha serves as the entrance towards Shiva Consciousness.

3. Who are all can do?

# This ritual can be performed to every human being who has the interest to know about their own self (Pasu) and the creator of this Universe- Lord Shiva who is known as Pasupathi- the head of all the souls. One need to be a sincere seeker, practicing vegetarianism, maintaining purity at all levels (body, mind, speech and emotional levels).

4. Ladies can do?

# This is purely a Athma Samskara.  Hence, it can be performed for ladies. They should also perform the Nithya Anushtanas (daily spiritual practices, Japa). Initiation can't happen on their monthly cycles, but after 5 days.

5. Age group?

Age between 6 to 70 years. Kids must be accompanied by their parents, guardians.

6. International (Non-Indians) men & women can do?

# Lord Shiva Mantra is Universal. It can be initiated to any sincere seeker with mentioned pre-requisites

7. Is Upanayanam must before doing this Shiva deeksha?
# No

8. Daily practice is needed? Approx how much time needed?

#  Yes! Anushtanas (spiritual practices, Japa) should be performed daily. Each Anushtana requires around 8-10 minutes.

9. Any home going instructions to be given?

# Should follow vegetarianism

# Be truthful

# Be self contented

# Do Anushtanas (sadhana, spiritual practices, Japa) everyday.

# Maintaining purity at all levels (body, mind, speech and emotional levels)

10. Initiation procedure will take how much time ? How many days?

# It is 2 days program. First day is orientation, explanation of the process. Raksha bandhan, Simple vrat (food related simple austerities).

Second day... Preliminary prayers by the Shivacharya will be done followed by deeksha. Since this is one-to-one deeksha, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes for every seeker. Whole process may take over half a day.

11. What are items to be brought by the participants?

     # Rudraksha Mala

     # Kanta Rudraksha (Single rudraksha, to wear on throat)

    # Pancha Patra (Upanayanam kit)

     # Traditional dress (New Yellow colour Saree for women, new yellow colour dhotis & angavastram for men... Both are available at Madhurya or Sri Sri Tattva stores in Bangalore ashram campus)

     # Vibhuthi (Holy ash, bhasma) & Kumkum

     # Simple cloth aasan (seat)