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What is Ayushya Homa

Ayushya Homa is performed every day at the Bangalore Ashram. This Homa is performed on the occasion of Birthday for rejuvenation, vitality and longevity. It is said to be effective in curing serious health ailments and even mental disorders. This homa has positive impact on the mind and mental health of a person. It acts as a remedy for those who are distressed and depressed.

Rishi Markandeya, who was the son of Saint Mrukandu, was destined to die at the tender age of sixteen. On the last day of his life, Markandeya prayed to Lord Shiva and embraced the Shivalinga. He chanted the sacred Mrityunjaya Stotram praying to Lord Shiva to protect his life. When Yama tried to throw the noose around Markandeya’s neck, the noose also encircled the Linga and Lord Yama. The Lord of Death was left fighting for His life. Lord Shiva then spared Yama's life on the condition that His devotee - Markandeya would be spared.

The subtle energies of the Ayushya Homa invigorate the consciousness and enable us to recognize the undying and ever pure nature of consciousness. Thus, participating in Ayushya Homa is considered highly beneficent for a Sadhak in two ways - unveiling the Eternal Consciousness and strengthening the medium (the body) which enables to lead a spiritual life.