Ayushya Homa is a part of an ancient tradition and is performed to offer prayers for increasing one’s health and longevity. We pray for good health so that our eyes have proper sight until the last moments of our life; our ears should be able to hear properly till the time we leave this body. Along with the chantings, we also honour the Navagrahas (nine planets) and offer the sacred food grains associated with each planet into the sacrificial fire. This is what Ayushya Homa is all about.

So during the Homa we chant mantras and pray to the Divine, saying,

“May my lifespan increase; may I be healthy and free from diseases, and may only auspicious things happen through me. May I feel belongingness with everyone and everything around me”.

So one performs the Ayushya Homa with all these prayers and wishes.

This is an ancient Vaidic way of celebrating one’s birthday.