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One-time Seva: Learning
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Details19 Jan 20247:30 pm Samuhik Sri Ramraksha Stotram Learning @ Online
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Recurring Seva: Learning
Details Date Time Seva Venue Activity Sankalpa
One-Time Seva List : Learning
Samuhik Sri Ramraksha Stotram Learning @ Online
19 January 2024 at 7:30 pm.

Venue: Zoom Link

Recurring Seva List : Learning

What are Chanting programs?

The scriptures say mantras allow you to go beyond the mind. They are sound vibrations that have an effect on the consciousness, the space around you, and your mind. Vibrations are sent out by chanting mantras and these affect our brain patterns.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains, “When we chant mantras loudly and together in a group, it is called kirtan (or bhajan where bhaj means to share—sharing the one consciousness). When we recite in a normal or medium tone of voice, then it is called chanting. And when you recite quietly or very slowly in the mind, then that is called Japa.”

Our Vision

The inner transformation of individuals through chanting and knowledge of ancient scriptures and Vedanta brings spiritual growth, relief from stress brings happiness to the individual and enables them to become positive contributors to society.

Chanting programs help in spiritual growth and each chanting brings specific benefits to the individuals.

Why Chanting Program?

Sound is energy, which means it is essentially without a beginning or end. When a mantra is chanted, it taps into this eternal nature of our consciousness. Chanting mantras soothes our nervous system, reduces the mental stress, and produces a calm thoughtless state, where the mind is dissolved in the vastness of the present moment.

Benefits of Chanting

If a bad word can create so many physiological reactions in you, do you think a very sweet name, a chant, which includes a lot of energy from the cosmos does not do anything to your body? That is why it is called "Mantra Kavach(armor)"; a mantra creates the sense of armor around your body.

Mantras turn around these negative, repulsive vibrations, into more positive and attractive vibrations. This is the advantage of mantra chanting.

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