Pind Daan

What is Pind Daan?

Memorial service means an action done with reverence. What is the main ritual in a memorial service? The Pind Daan is performed. Macrocosm and microcosm, microcosm means body, macrocosm means the latent, arbitrary, formless consciousness. When we leave the body and become one with the latent, arbitrary, infinite consciousness, the mind is still in existence, that mind which is the subtle body or the causal body feels that I have lost this, I have lost my body, this impression lingers on for some period of time. This infinite expanse of the cosmic consciousness, subtle body. This subtle body wishes, “Let me get a body.”. This desire is not left. Then the son or the daughter chant that you will be granted a body again. Whilst in the consciousness, there is a craving for the body and, while in the body there is a longing to merge with the one consciousness. This is the nature of the human mind. If whilst merging with the universe, the mind holds a craving for the body, then nothing to worry about, you will get a body. We will give you a body. Sesame seeds are offered as a tribute. Why sesame seeds are offered? For instance, in case of the soul which leaves the body, if the mind carries desires and wishes then sesame seed is considered to be the tiniest. It conveys that the thoughts going on in your mind are like the sesame seeds. The desires shall be fulfilled, become contented. Then water and sesame seeds are offered together. In such a manner, you let go of the insignificant thoughts, desires, wishes, cravings, aversions of your mind. In this manner, offering with sincerity and love is the true dedication of a memorial service.