Signifcance of Shraadh

Shraadh comes from the word Shraddha – an act done with sincerity and attention. When an individual leaves for heavenly abode, the deceased’s descendents perform rituals of offering for the …


Yagnopavit denotes three responsibilities – first for Parents, second for Guru or knowledge, third for society or nation. One chants uplifting and spiritually meaningful mantras…

Upanayanam for women

In earlier days Yoga was taught to a few prominent people of then considered higher castes and women were strictly excluded. Art of Living initiated women into Yoga, Pranayam and …

Narayan & Lakshmi

Narayana is the conciouness which is housed in your nervous system. You are in Narayana and to sustain yourself, you need means and that is what Lakshmi is.

Form Vs Symbol

Forms are only to still the mind, more superior than forms are Symbols, then Yantras and eventually Mantras are even more subtler.