Upakarma : On the day of Shravan Purnima

‘Upakarma’ is a ceremony performed once a year, for all those who have  undergone Upanayana, to change the Sacred Thread. This is done on the day of Raksha Bandhan (Shravan Purnima / full moon ) for those who follow Yajur veda and a day before for those who follow RigVeda. This year the dates are 17th August for Rigveda and 18th August for Yajurveda. The Upakarma Ceremony will be happening at Bangalore Ashram which will be webcast live and a video will be uploaded on this page so people can do it in the morning in their time zone. Videos from last year have been uploaded to the videos page. You can take a look at them to see what to expect.

A short procedure and a longer procedure are also available for those who would like to practice before the ceremony. If you are doing on your own you can use either of these resources too. Click here to read about Gurudev’s thoughts on Upakarma