Swami Vaishampayan ji

Swami Vaishampayan, was born in a very traditional and pious family, whose family lineage can be directly traced back to one of the famous ancient Indian seers Rishi ‘Vaishampayan’. He did his schooling and higher education in the suburbs of Mumbai.

As a young boy of eight, Swamiji began to learn Yoga from his father. By the age of 23 he had finished his Bachelors in Computers analysis and System Management and Masters in Costing.

During his University education, Swamiji started playing Chess by representing his University and won many district level competitions.  He started his own Chess academy during his University years. During this time he was introduced to Art of Living and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar.

In 2001 Swamiji became a full time instructor of the Art of Living courses, he traveled all over India, particularly to biggest province of India, Uttar Pradesh.

In the state of Uttar Pradesh he headed the program to create leaders in the grassroots- Youth Leadership training Program (YLTP) for five years in the villages, transforming hundreds of villages.

He took his biggest individual course in India in presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar with 40,000 people in Nasik, India.  He has also taken many special courses in the prison, in Tihar Jail, India’s largest jail for the rehabilitation of hard-core criminals and terrorists.

Swamiji was the in charge of the Vedic School in Bangalore that trains young children in the traditional art of performing and chanting ancient Vedic rituals.

In Europe Swamiji has traveled several countries, Including Germany, Macedonia, Bosnia and now Hungary, everywhere with a jam-packed audience for his courses.

Waves of happiness in Hungary

Swamiji is now heading a new Project in Hungary, called “waves of happiness”, where in one weekend “23-25th November” The Art of Living Part 1 course in 10 different cities in Hungary is being organized, with teachers from 8 different countries coming to teach the courses. Talking about this Project, says Swamiji “you can experience joy in life when there is no stress, so in these program we teach some techniques including Sudarshan Kriya which is practiced by over 20 million people in more than 150 countries to release stress so that life can become a celebration”.

Swami Vaishampayan is spearheading His Holiness’s vision In India and other parts of the world to create a stress-free and violence-free society and to bring a smile in every person’s face.

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