Swami Gnantej Ji

An engineer by profession, Swami Gnantej realized he had an altogether greater purpose in life while he was working in one of the most reputed software firms in India. His calling was to be under the tutelage of one of the greatest masters of the World, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Under the special care and affectionate attention of Gurudev, Swamiji advanced steadily in the path of spirituality.

He personifies a beautiful balance of the depth of Wisdom (just as his name symbolizes) and lightness of humor; Perfect equanimity and full participation. He teaches how a question can be transformed into wonder, a problem into an adventure and noise into music!

Taking the message of wisdom and universal love from Gurudev, he has been undertaking numerous padayatras(peace walks) in the remote villages of India. He has brought about solace to thousands of people through his Healing Blessing programmes, the Art of living courses, padyatras, discourses, pujas and satsangs.

His melodious music will no doubt enthrall the hearts and minds of people irrespective of their class, colour or creed.