Swami Bhavyatej Ji

Swami Bhavyatej was born on January 9th, 1978 as Bhanu Prakash to a Brahmin family based in Haridwar. After finishing his Post Graduation in Commerce from Dehradun, he was introduced to the Art Of Living in 2002 and instantly found a deep connection and fulfillment that was missing elsewhere.

His ardent spiritual seeking and the dream of working for a better society got him more and more involved in the projects and service initiatives of the Art Of Living foundation. In 2003 he shifted to The Art Of Living International Center, Bangalore and devoted himself fully to the spiritual path. Since then, he has handled multifarious projects, service initiatives, events and Gurudev’s visits across the country. In 2003, Swamiji became part of the start-up team of Sri Sri Ayurveda and developed the whole Finance Department just out of a tiny room.

In 2005, he moved to Guwahati for fulfilling Gurudev’s vision of having a beautiful ashram in Assam near the banks of river Brahmaputra. Since then, swamiji has been part of developing and maintaining many other ashrams. Notably, the Arunachala ashram in 2008 and setting up the Veda Agama Paathshala at Tehri (Uttarakhand) ashram in 2010. In stark contrast to the scale and difficulty of the work that he has been handling over the years, swamiji remains simple and child-like and is known for his carefree laughter and jolly ways. If asked about the tremendous work he has done, he simply says that it is the grace of the master and that he was simply an effortless witness to the universe’s process of manifestation.

Especially memorable in his profile are the elaborate and beautiful camp arrangements set up under his supervision and guidance at Maha Kumbh in Haridwar(2010) & Allahabad(2013) – the largest spiritual gatherings in the world that have left a lingering impact of beauty and devotion amongst devotees from across the world who were a part of these auspicious events.

Along with all these big projects Swamiji has also been simultaneously handling various important short term projects such as management and coordination of Ayodhya Sant Sammelan(2012), Gurudev’s visit to Uttar Pradesh (2011) and Gwalior (2011). He has been committed through padayatras(peace walks) and pujas to spread the ‘Sanatan Dharma and Vedic culture’. He is currently working for development of Madhya Pradesh Ashram on the banks of the Narmada since 2012.

Swamiji exudes a simplicity and straightforwardness that is born of his undying and unfailing devotion for the divine in the form of the Master. He is committed to taking Gurudev’s vision of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – a One World Family to its true fulfillment through the Art of Living platform. In his experience, Gurudev’s simple and joyful knowledge shared in the Art of Living courses, programs etc. are the key to breaking the typical human shell of confinement and connecting us to each other and the divine light. He quotes with his customary innocence and blinding smile, “when you dive deep inside yourself, you know that we are all connected to the divine, and that each one of us, every human, every creature, every plant and leaf is blessed and taken care of and that is the real Art of Living.”