The Vaidic Dharma Sansthan Trust works for the advancement of religious and spiritual education, irrespective of cast, creed, language and religion. We also promote the Indian culture and educational heritage and undertake projects to promote social, economic, cultural and spiritual development of people at large with a holistic approach.

Please send an email for any puja/homa/event enquiry in your state.

States E–Mail Ids
Andhra Pradesh [email protected]
Arunachal Pradesh [email protected]
Assam [email protected]
Bihar [email protected]
Chhatisgarh [email protected]
New Delhi [email protected]
Goa [email protected]
Gujarat [email protected]
Jharkhand [email protected]
Karnataka [email protected]
Kerala [email protected]
Madhya Pradesh [email protected]
Maharashtra [email protected]
Manipur [email protected]
Meghalaya [email protected]
Orissa [email protected]
Punjab [email protected]
Rajasthan [email protected]
Tamil Nadu [email protected]
Telangana [email protected]
Uttarakhand [email protected]
Uttar Pradesh [email protected]
Haryana [email protected]
Himachal Pradesh [email protected]
Jammu & Kashmir [email protected]
Mizoram [email protected]
Nagaland [email protected]
Tripura [email protected]
West Bengal [email protected]

Vaidic Dharma Sansthan

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