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Seva Details
Maha Shivaratri Rudra Puja & Homa
Maha Shivaratri,Puja & Homa

Art of Living Ashram, Siliguri
Darjeeling,West Bengal

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Mahua Sarkar




West Bengal


“Shiva is a principle, it is the ‘Shiva tattva’. Shiva wasn’t a person. Never ever limit Shiva to a body, space, or time. That’s why he is called ‘Mahakaal’, the time of times, the cause of all causes. And the way Shiva is described is very interesting…They say that His body is permeating the entire universe. So He is that principle, that energy, that consciousness.” ~ Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Mahashivratri is the day to cultivate the finest qualities in human beings like kindness, honesty, non-violence, charity and forgiveness. We recite prayers, keep fast, and perform yoga and meditation to evolve our mind and boost our energy level. Join us in Mahashivratri celebration.


Siliguri Ashram Puja & Homa as follows: 18th Feb 8am Rudra Puja 18th Feb 4pm Rudra Homa 18th Feb 7pm Prasadam at Annapurna dining hall Private Rudra Puja can happen at the Ashram or your home on 17th Feb/19th Feb/20th Feb 2023 You can join physically or through Zoom Following Zoom Link can be used Meeting ID: 836 2445 0723 Passcode: jgd

Sankalpa Details

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Samuhik Sankapla(Puja & Homa)Rs.15001
Mukhya Yajman(Puja & Homa)Rs.110002
Private Rudra PujaRs.110004

Sankalpa on Behalf & Prasadam

  • Can i attend In-Person at the venue?
    Please reach out to the Organiser/Coordinator for more details.
  • I could not attend personally can i still take sankalpa and register for this seva?
    Yes Sankalpa will happen in person.
    Pundits will guide to take sankalpa online ( i.e zoom, etc)
    Note : Recordings might not be available for this.Please reach out to the Organiser/Co-ordinator of the event for any queries
  • Bangalore Ashram Pujas & Homa
    • Visit Vaidicpujas Youtube to watch the regular puja and homa that are live from Bangalore Ashram
    • For special online events the links will be updated in your respective email or you can reach out to the organiser/coordinator for more details
  • Can the prasadam be sent as a courier?
    No This option is not available for this seva

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Coordinator Details
  • Name
    Anjana Sarkar
  • Email
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  • City
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    24 pargana south
  • State
    West Bengal
  • Pincode
  • ...
    John Deo
    Spine Surgeon
  • 5
  • ...
    Jacob Ryan
    Ortho Surgeon
  • 8
    Kehn Anderson
  • ...
    Sarah Smith
  • ...
    Vlad Cardella
  • 4
    Jennifer Maklen
    Last seen 01:20 AM
  • ...
    Lina Smith
    Ortho Surgeon
    Last seen 11:14 PM
  • 9
    Jeff Adam
    Last seen 3:31 PM
  • ...
    Anjelina Cardella
    Last seen 7:45 PM
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