5 - Namakaranam Samskara

Namakarana literally meaning naming is the naming ceremony in Vaidic Tradition. The meaningful name is given to the baby. The first letter of which is selected from baby’s Vaidic horoscope. Every child’s horoscope contains one letter from which a name of the baby is to be selected. Preferred names are those affiliated with deities, virtues, lucky stars, constellations, derivatives of the name of the father or mother, the place of birth or beautiful elements of nature such as trees, flowers, birds etc.

Each of us is born in a particular constellation. Each constellation has a familiarity with a particular sound. That sound is suggested in individual’s Vaidic horoscope to name the baby.

It is not a Vaidic method to name a baby before it is born. Sometimes Jatakarma and Namakarana are performed together.