3 - Seemantonayanam Samskara

Seemantonayanam Samskara is the third Samskara performed ideally in the 7/8th month of pregnancy. The significance of the ritual is to ensure a safe delivery and to keep the mother happy.

As the date of delivery comes closer, many physical and hormonal changes start to happen in mother’s body. The almost fully-grown baby also goes through changes. The word Seemantonayanam suggests the same. Sima means boundry ant means end ann means to open while nayan means eyes. Hence, the literal meaning of Seemantonayanam is to open your eyes at the end.

The ceremony is performed to purify the atmosphere where mother will be staying with the baby after giving birth. The ritual has evolved into a ritual that shares characteristics of a baby shower. Family members invite friends and relatives of the woman. They meet, acknowledge and satisfy the food cravings of the expectant woman. They give gifts to the mother and the baby.