14 - Samavartan Samskara

Samavartan is a rite of passage in the ancient texts of Hinduism performed at the end of the Brahmacharya period and marked the graduation of the student in Gurukul. It is the fourteenth Samskara of 16 Samskara of Vaidic Tradition. Before leaving the Gurukul, the student offers his Guru, Gurudakshina meaning fees.

Sama means equal and Vartan means behavior. Samavartan hence translates into, “now, you are equal to me (Guru).” Or “now, you will behave like me (Guru).”

It also signifies a person's readiness to enter Grihasta ashrama meaning householder life or married life. Though this ceremony is marked the end of school, it does not imply immediately starting a married life.

Anyone who had completed this rite of passage is considered a Vidya-snataka meaning knowledge expert.