1 - Garbhadhanam Samskara

In Vaidic tradition, a child is brought into this world out of love. Bringing a soul into this world and raising him/her in a way that he/she becomes a blessing for the society is considered a big service of humanity. The ideal way to bring another soul on this planet is a very well defined process in Vedas.

This process begins with Garbhadhanam Samskara. It is the very first Samskara out of 16 Samskara in Hinduism. Garbha means the womb and Dhan means to establish. It is performed to welcome an evolved being on this planet is Garbhadhanam Samskara.

It is a ceremony performed before conception to ensure a healthy and divine progeny. Here, husband and wife agree to have a child and raise a family together and perform the Garbhadhanam Samskara.