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What is Sadabhishekam

By the time the male couple enters the 80th year, Sadabhishekam 80th Birthday puja is celebrated by the relatives by getting together and performing Homam abhishekam and other rituals for the couple

Significance of Sadabhishekam?

Reaching 80 years is the greatest achievement of every man's life and good health and mind. For a span of time, he handles all his responsibilities in his life in the best way and transfers all his duties to his kids at this time period. At the same time, all the family members are celebrating with joy and happiness.

Benefits of Sadabhishekam :

  • Sadabhishekam is performed for the longevity of the couple who celebrate the completion of years and provides them with good health and strength.
  • The rituals help the couple to find huge growth spiritually



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