Celebrations at the Art of Living are rejoiced by performing the Yagnas and Homas in line with Vaidic traditions, which uplift the spirit, bring prosperity and nullify misery, sorrow and pain; dawn solace and peace on the whole world. People from all walks of life join the celebration and experience the ultimate joy and happiness. Such celebration revives the emotions, rejuvenates the spirit, and refreshes the knowledge.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Special Vaidic Programs

You can celebrate the events and festivals the Vaidic way by participating in the following programs on auspicious ocassion of Krishna Janmashtami.

Sarva Puja Homa Sankalpa

This sankalpa includes 3 programs on Janmashtami day (Sri Durga homa,  Gau Puja & Maha Sudarshan homa)
Date : 23 August  2019
Entry : 1 person

Sri Durga Homa

Date : 23 August 2019, Time : 7.30am
Entry - 1 person

Maha Sudarshana Homa

Date : 23 August 2019, Time : 05.00 pm
Entry : 1 person

Gau Puja

Date : 23 August 2019, Time : 4.30 pm
Entry : 1 person

Sri Krishnashtakam Chanting Class

Date : 25 August 2019, Time : 02.00 pm  to 04.30 pm
Entry -:1 person