1. What are the dates of Navratri celebrations ?
16th to 31st October 2020.

2. What is a Sankalpa and how to offer the Sankalpa ?
Sankalpa is an intention or wish which you can offer during a Puja. You can login to vdst.in/navratri , select a desired program and offer your Sankalpa.

3. How can Puja/Homa be performed online ?
You can participate in Puja/Homa by offering sankalpa and watch it online. Our trained Pundit ji will be offering Sankalpa on your behalf.

4. Will Gurudev be present in Puja?

5. What are the timings and contributions for Puja/Homa ?
Please login to vdst.in/navratri to get the complete schedule with timings and contributions.

6. What is the Sankalp time ?
A few hours before the scheduled Puja/Homa time.

7. How can I watch the webcast ?
After successful registration, you will be receiving an e-mail in the registered e-mail id for watching live webcast which includes your user id and password. Using that you can login to live.vaidicpujas.org (for Indian Nationals) or live.artofliving.org (for Internationals) and watch the live program online. This program will be also available for 24 hours after the completion of the event.

8. How does Sankalpa happen ?
Our Pundit ji will be offering Sankalpa with your Nakshatra, Gotra & Rashi. Don't worry if you don't know your gotta or rashi. You can offer Sankalpa with your date of birth and name.

9. How many people can take Sankalpa ?
In a single WEBCAST login, the family head can take Sankalpa though multiple people can watch on the same screen.

10. What is the Prasadam I will receive ?
Abundant blessings. There is no other Prasadam.

11. How can I do online payments ?
Online payments can be done with indian cards, internet banking...etc. International cards are not acceptable.
Anyone with Indian personal details like bank account, mobile number, PAN number, address...etc can register using this payment link.

12. How can internationals take Sankalpa ?
There is a section for all Internationals to offer Sankalpa at vdst.in/navratri You can make online payments using that link.

13. Do I need to pay separately for Webcast ?
No, Your payment includes Sankalpa & Webcast

14. If I offer only one day sankalpa, will I be able to watch the whole program ?
No, you will be able to offer Sankalpa for that particular program and can watch that program only, online.

15. I want to know more about other programs of VDS ?
Sure. Please visit vdst.in/ashram for all other programs happening in bangalore ashram. You can register over there also.

16. How will I get receipt ?
Your receipts will be sent by email and sms, the minute your payment is successful.

17. Is tax exemption available ?

18. Amount is deducted from my account, but I am yet to get the receipt. What to do ?
Please share your registered - name, email id, mobile number with us. We will check and get back to you

19. My registration is completed, I got the receipt and login credentials. But my login is not working at live.vaidicpujas.org. What to do?
Please reset your password, new password will be shared in your registered e-mail id. Using that you can login at live.vaidicpujas.org. If it’s not working, please share your receipt with us, we will be sharing the credentials with you in your registered e-mail id soon.

20. Can I watch the Puja later, online ?
Yes, the video will be available for 24 hours

21. Can we shift Sankalpa timings ?
Sankalpa will be happening LIVE and you need to join LIVE to attend Sankalpa.

22. Does Daanam includes Sankalpa ?
No, it includes different types of donation offerings for Navratri celebrations only.

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