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A2 milk: Elixir of life

"Indian cow milk contains vitamin K, A2, B, D, E, seven types of minerals, 21 types of Amino Acid, 24 types of enzymes and 22 types of salts."


According to recent studies, milk has been a cause of an array of harmful effects. It has been linked to cardiac conditions, poor digestive health, and even autism. With such frightening evidence stacked against milk, it is difficult to put faith in it as an essential source of nutrition.

Why Indian cows give A2 milk?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “Indian cows have always been treated as a part of the family. Our long-seated tradition of venerating them has led them to assume motherly qualities which have enabled them to continue giving milk which has A2 protein, a characteristic common to mother’s milk.”

A2 milk benefits

Long before A2 milk was found to be a healthier alternative by modern science, Ayurveda knew its numerous benefits. Following are the A2 benefits transcribed by Ayurveda: Improvement in ojas - a factor responsible for the immunity of the body Enhances intelligence and strength Relieves fatigue and severe debility Increases breast milk in a feeding mother Augments life expectancy Helps to alleviate bleeding disorders

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