Brahmachari D Kashikar

Dinesh Kashikar did his schooling from St. Xavier’s, Ahmedabad and graduated in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai. Always a topper in school, he had a keen interest in sports and theatre.  

He was introduced to the Art of Living in the year 1995, and became a full time volunteer with the organization. Besides arranging various stress –elimination programmes of the Art of Living, he simultaneously began contributing to a number of departments such as agriculture and human resources at the Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore.

He then went on to become a teacher of the Art of Living’s stress-elimination programme through which he has been able to reach out and benefit more than 5 lakh people. He has a keen interest in both the practical and academic aspects of yoga and today is a specialist in the field of yoga and pranayama. He has travelled with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar across India conducting yoga sessions for enormous gatherings.  

His responsibilities in the Art of Living have been diverse. He headed the publication division of the Art of Living, editing and publishing of many of its books and has even co-ordinated the working of the Sri Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Pathshala, a heritage school started by the Art of Living, with the aim of preserving the rich traditions and rituals of India.

Dinesh Kashikar is widely traveled. He has conducted Art of living programmes in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Germany, Poland, Russia and Mongolia.

He attributes his smiles growing manifold and much more satisfaction and peace in his life to the Art of Living. “All aspects of life started improving which got me hooked and involved in the organization.” He is technology savvy and loves new gadgets.  Among other interests Dinesh loves listening to music and reading both fiction and spiritual books, especially Amarchitra Kathas.

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