2 - Pumsavanam Samskara

This is the second Samskara from 16 Samskaras. Pumsavanam is a composite word of Pun meaning to move as well as a soul, while savana means ceremony. Contrary to common belief, Pumsavanam is not performed to have a male child only. The ceremony is performed to assure that the fetus is safe throughout pregnancy and is not miscarried, irrespective of the gender of the fetus.

Pumsavanam is performed when the pregnancy begins to show, typically in the fifth month of pregnancy and usually before the fetus starts moving in the womb. Until this time, the fetus is just a ball. When the fetus starts to grow and develop, Pumsavanam is performed as an assurance of safety and well being to the fetus.

It is done to celebrate the consciousness that is present in the fetus.