Maha Shivratri falls on the 13th (or 14th) day of every lunar month. Shivratri means ‘The Night of Shiva’ and is observed in honour to Lord Shiva (The substratum of the existence). Shivratri is taking refuge in the divine consciousness, which brings peace and solace to all layers of consciousness. So resting in the Shiva Tattva is Shivaratri.

“Every Mahashivratri is meant to wake up every particle of your body. The festival is a wake-up call to move away from conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence - the ethereal qualities of Shiva.”
- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

It is believed that Mahashivratri is a time of deep rest for the body, mind, and ego; a deep rest that awakens a devotee to the highest knowledge of the Shiva Tattva. It is considered as an auspicious day for spiritual growth and material attainment.

Sankalpa Registration for Maha Shivratri Puja & Homa

Maha Shivratri - Samvardhan Sankalpa

Samvardhan Sankalpa includes Shiva Ashtottara Shatanama Archana (Online Only), Maha Rudra Puja, Maha Rudra Homa & Maha Mritunjaya Homa (Online Only) sankalpa and contribution towards Anna Daan (food), Samagri Daan (Puja material), Vastra Daan (Puja cloths) & Pusha Daan (Flower & garland) for Maha Shivratri.

Shiva Puja 

8 March 2024
 7:30 am


Maha Rudra Puja

     8 March 2024
     6:30 pm

Maha Rudra Homa

9 March 2024
 4:00 am


Maha Shivratri DAAN

Brahman Bhojan
Donation for Food

(Not Sankalpa)

Vastra Daan
Donation for Vastra Daan

(Not Sankalpa)

Samagri Daan
Donation for Puja Materials

(Not Sankalpa)

Pushpa Daan
Donation for Flower & Garlands

(Not Sankalpa)

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