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What is Sashtiapthapoorthi

Shashti Poorti or Sashtiapthapoorthi is commended on the consummation of 60 years old of male. This term is gotten from Sanskrit in which Shashti implies sixty; abda– year; poorthi-culmination. It is also familiarly called Arubadhaam kalyanam amongst South Indians.

Today’s children celebrate this day in a very grandeur manner as they consider this day as the day to fulfill their part. They also see this day as another real wedding day for their parents and do all the rituals and events elaborately as it takes place in a conventional wedding. It’s also the time for the kids to fulfill their wishes of seeing their parents getting married.

The Rishi munis and sages of wisdom have acknowledged the sixtieth year in one’s life and have elaborated certain rituals to epitomize this special event. This is usually considered as a rebirth and there would be a repetition of some rituals performed during one’s birth. This is considered a celebration which is a holy part of the blessed Vedic culture.

The Sashtiapthapoorthi should be performed exactly on the 61st year and in the same month and day of birth with reference to the Indian Zodiac signs. In case if it unlikely to perform the rituals on the same day then the allowance is given to place it on any day during and before the completion of the 60th year.


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