Janmashtami 2020

Janmashtami is the day we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Since the last 5100 and odd years, the birth of Krishna is being celebrated. But Krishna says, “I am never born.”

It is like this – a potter makes a pot and suddenly the space is born inside the pot. Can you say the space is born now? No! Space was already there, it was only encapsulated with mud all around. Mud, by itself, didn’t have any value. Space by itself is available everywhere and it has no value. But when the mud and the space came together, it assumed a value.

Now when you move the pot from one place to another place, does the space inside the pot change? No. From one day to another day, does the space inside the pot change? No. Yesterday the mud pot had 1-litre space, today it became 2-litre, tomorrow it becomes 3-litre, does that happen? No. Mud can wear in due course of time. You can carbon date and find out when this pot was made. Is there any way to measure the time (or age) of the space inside the pot? No. The space inside the pot is beyond time and space. So, Krishna identified himself with the space and not with the pot. That’s why he said, “These foolish people see me as a human being. People do not see me as the immortal space which was never born. They only see me as a pot”.


Sankalpa Registration for Janmashtami 11 August 2020

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