Swami Paramtej ji

Swami Paramtej graduated in English Literature from Delhi University in 1993. After completing an Airline Ticketing course with British Airways in London, he set up his own travel and tour company in India while simultaneously looking after a family-run soft drinks business

Swamiji who has been meditating since he was ten years old says he knew from a very young age that he was cut out for an altogether different path. From the age of ten till the age of 27 he meditated without anyone’s guidance.

In 2001, he attended a public satsang with HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and HH The Dalai Lama after which he did his first Part 1 programme. “In just 6 days I got what I had been looking for  – in fact the knowledge of meditation, right path  and true happiness came to me only after coming to the Art of Living.”

Thereafter he went on to become a teacher of Art of Living’s stress -elimination programme through which he has been able to reach out and benefit more than 6 lac people . Swamiji has also travelled with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar across India conducting yoga sessions for huge gatherings.

In 2008, Swamiji played a key role as a mediator in bringing together all sections involved in the Kandhamal riots in Orissa for peaceful dialogue. In 2009, he led an Election Awareness Campaign in Uttar Pradesh inspiring people to cast their vote.

He remains actively involved in the Art of Living’s Rural Development Program, training youth from rural areas in health, hygiene, community building and vocational training while handling a number of responsibilities at the Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore.

Swamiji is widely traveled having visited Germany, Holland, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Peru, Suriname, Argentina, Brazil, The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Nepal teaching Art of Living programmes.

He is an avid cricket fan, enjoys adventure sports and enjoys watching films.

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