Brahmachari Chirag Bhanushali

Brahmachari Chirag, born in a traditional Kutchhi Gujarati joint family in the town of Dhule (Maharashtra), having his roots from the ancient town of Jakhau in Kutchh (Gujarat).

A born seeker, he started questioning life itself at the tender age of 12. He took a break from schooling and became a student of life. He explored and started working as a gold jewelry craftsman, helped his father in Hotel Business and simultaneously did a course in computers and graphic design. As he excelled all the activities, he decided, in 2006, to move to Nashik for higher studies in the field of Computer Graphics, Animation and Web Design.

His wandering mind continued to search for something higher, until the evening of December 7th, 2007, the day when he experienced his first Sudarshan Kriya in the YES!+ Program organized by The Art Of Living. He experienced life in its fullness and was bursting with energy in that moment.

Life was not the same anymore. There was a shift, a radiating calmness now emanated from him. He became energetic, skillful, learned to deal with life and its adventures. A deep interest in spirituality dawned in him as he got answers to the innumerable questions which had followed him for an eternity. Soon he transformed from an isolated and reserved being to an outgoing and friendly personality.

His Visual Graphics skills took him to the International movie studio "Prime Focus", where he worked on super hit Hollywood movies like "Clash of the Titans", "Harry Potter 6" & "Harry Potter 7 part 1". Despite his professional success, he still longed for completeness in life. The fire within him constantly yearned for something higher.

In March 2008, His longing to see Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji materialized. Gurudev had come Nashik for a Maha Satsang (A grand musical evening). The enormous stage was all set and decorated, swiftly Gurudev walked in like a feather floating in the air and looked directly into his eyes. That very moment a sense of deep connection was felt, as if its been lifetimes since they knew each other. His path became crystal clear and He realized his purpose of life.

Being involved with various activities, Brahmachari Chirag became The Art Of Living YES!+ Teacher in 2012 at the young age of 22. He organized and conducted many programs for youth in Dhule and in Mumbai along with his work and studies.

In May 2016, Brahmachari Chirag moved to the Bangalore Ashram and got blessed by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji to walk the path of Sannyas as a Brahmachari. Soon He became a facilitator for corporate programs for MSMEs.

From 2017-2019 Brahmachari Chirag lead the Social Media and Promotions Department for the Vaidic Dharma Sansthan Trust (VDST) at The Art Of Living International Center, significantly boosting the participation in traditional Vaidic Activities all of the country.

On 10th November 2019, Pujya Gurudev blessed Brahmachari Chirag as the Administrator for The Art Of Living Gnana Kshetra and District Teacher Coordinator in Kalaburagi District of North Karnataka, India.

An avid reader, he enjoys to read biographies of enlightened sages. He is an excellent photographer and loves to write poems as an expression of intense spiritual experiences. He has a keen interest in Vaidic Astrology and has a great sense of food and tastes. He loves to travel and explore the lesser known territories of the universe (internal and external).

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