What is Sanyas?

Sanyas is getting established in the Self. One who is centered and unshaken by any person or situation is a sanyasi. Sanyas is absolute dispassion and sheer bliss and without any demand.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Sanyas (Hindi Video)


Sanyasi Training : The Foundation Program
For those who seek to serve the Divine... Serve the Nation!
1 year training towards the foundation of Sannyas.

1) Age: 21 to 45 Years.
2) Written consent from parents
3) Recommendation from Swamiji's or Brahmachari's or State VDS Coordinator or AOL Teacher or APEX Body of The Art of Living Organisation.

Date for next training -21st October 2019

1) Should not have any family responsibilities
2) Should be Physically, Mentally, Emotionally fit to go through the training.

For more info:
Call / Whatsapp: +91-9538186844
Email: info@vaidicpujas.org