Significance of Durga Homa

Durga in Sanskrit means "invincible". The synonym of "du" is poverty, sufferings, evil habits and famine. The "r" refers to diseases and the “ga” destroyer of sins, injustice, non believer, cruelty and laziness.

Benefits of participating in Durga Homa

Durga frees you from fear of death, hell, jealousy, gives patience, courage, spirituality and protects from troubles etc.

Legend of Mahishasura

Brahma pleased with Mahishasura gave him a boon saying that he will not be killed by a Man. This made him create terror to all gods who ran to Vishnu for protection. The lord with all other gods created a beam of fierce light at a place where Katyan priest lived. The light took a female form that spoke in Rig-Veda saying that she was the supreme Brahman, she was Goddess Durga.

Mahishasura underestimated the power of a woman and could not fight a fierce battle with Durga. Finally the demon emerged into a half buffalo form; the light emitted from Devi's radiance cut the demon’s head signifying the death of inertia and evil.