What is a swami? What does it mean?The word 'swami' means 'one who is established in oneself'. In the scriptures a Swami's life is described as "atmano mokshartham jagat hitaya cha" which one who strives for “the realization of the Self and for the benefit and good of the world."

A Swami is one who has set aside his personal, worldly pursuits, in order to devote all his effort to experience the highest spiritual realization, and to the service of others.

A Swami is a spiritual guide, who, having dedicated his life to serve the society, plays different roles at different times, which could be leading various service projects, conducting different workshops for self-development, or conducting padayatras (peace walks), blessing programs (anugrahotsav) and pujas for example.

A Swami is someone who is there for everybody. One who has made the whole world as his family. For this to happen one doesn't have to change his cloth or grow his hair and beard – these are just a uniform, which make people identify him as a spiritual person.



Swami Suryapada

Swami Sadyojathah

Swami Vishnupad

Swami Brahmatej

Swami Vaishampayan

Swami Paramtej

Swami Jyothirmayah

Swami Nand Kishore

Swami Shraddhanand

Swami Jataveda

Swami Prabuddhananda

Swami Shivapad

Swami Atmananda

Swami Nirmalananda

Swami Gunatit

Swami Gnantej

Swami Omkarananda

Swami Purnachaitanya

Swami Brahmachitt

Swami Bhavyatej

Swami Prakashananda

Swami Divyanand

Swami Vishwachaitanya

Swami Advaithananda

Swami Pranavanand

Swami Sharanu


Rishi Nityapragya

Rishi Vidyadhar

Rishi Devavrat


Brahmachari D Kashikar

Brahmachari Hardik V

Brahmachari Jayant Singh

Brahmachari Pushparanjan K

Brahmachari Sundareshan N

Brahmachari Santosh Naik

Brahmachari Arpit Jajodia

Brahmachari Rakesh Kumar

Brahmachari Vidyut Udaiver

Brahmachari Dilip Baid

Brahmachari Ashok G

Brahmachari Abhishek K

Brahmachari Sanjeev K G

Brahmachari Suhas Mane

Brahmachari Prashant Lal

Brahmachari Vijay Kumar MS

Brahmachari Gopal Karale

Brahmachari Deepak CP

Brahmachari Dnyaneshwar M

Brahmachari Vijay Kalyankar

Brahmachari Biplab Kumar

Brahmachari Vijaykumar Gavit

Brahmachari Syam Kumar

Brahmachari Parveen K Sharma

Brahmachari Suresh S

Brahmachari Nishikant J

Brahmachari Kishore Khole

Brahmachari Ramachandra J

Brahmachari Sunny M

Brahmachari Ravinder T

Brahmachari Bhartendu S

Brahmachari Harish P

Brahmachari Bhavin K N

Brahmachari Bibhudatta P

Brahmachari Santosh Kumar

Brahmachari Vipin S

Brahmachari Rohit Bori

Brahmachari Dixon L


Sadhvi Anandbharti

Sadhvi Radha Rani

Sadhvi Radhamani

Sadhvi K. Pattu

Sadhvi Usha Budhia

Sadhvi M Dhanaselvi

Sadhvi Vanishree

Sadhvi Jayachandrika

Sadhvi Sejal Parmar

Sadhvi Sarita Jain

Sadhvi Kashmira Mehta

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