Jyotish and Vastu Fundamentals


  1. This workshop aims for the participants to know and understand the presence and influence of NavaGrahas in their AntahaKarana( inner self), Karana (Physical self) and Vatavarana (environment)

  2. It aims to help them to Understand the Time and cope with various situations in daily life with the help of various Jyotish tools like Panchanga, Panchapakshi, and basics of Muhurthas.

  3. It also aims to open up new avenues as you acknowledge the hidden talents and abilities, and potential threats one may face, just by looking at your birth-chart.

  4. It prepares you for various events in life, by applying simple remedial measures
  5. It helps you discover the connection between your birth-chart and the energy blocks (Vastu dosh) found in your homes.
  6. It educates you on how to identify the energy blockswith the help of Vaidic-Vastu principles.
  7. you will learn about vastrushastra principles and methods to identify these the vastudoshas / anomalies and remove these effectively with the help of Remedial Vastu , thereby achevieng elemental balance in their homes and alingment with Nature


Jyotish and Vastu are part of “Pratyaksha Vidyas”, which means the knowledge when applied gives immediate and evident results. It is that light which leads one to the path of divinity.

With this workshop our participants will be equipped enough to:

-Analyse their own horoscopes, and be prepared to make best use of all the opportunities

- Deal with potential challenges with more wisdom and equanimity

- Lead a more spiritual, contented and empowered life.

Vastu and Jyotish are complimentary sciences, one completes the other. A fair understanding of both these subject definitely empowers one to remove obstacles related to Health, Finances, Relationships and many other aspects of life and lead us to higher path of spirituality.

This is a uniquely designed workshop for all; any prior knowledge of Jyotish or VastuShastra is not a prerequisite to attend this course. This is an amazing opportunity to access authentic vaidic knowledge of living in perfect balance with Nature and hereby getting connected to its immense healing powers. With this, one has all the possibility of achieving a happy, healthy, contented life. It is a fact that a happy person has a better chance in achieving progress and success than others.”


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