Jyotisha Seminars & Conferences

Vaidic Dharma Sansthan organizes various seminars and conferences for increasing the awareness of the vast Vaidic Knowledge available through expert scholars associated with the organization.


What is Medical Astrology ?

“Medical Astrology is the art of observing our human body within the context of time. It is essential that everyone has awareness about their body and how it operates during every phase of their life. Only when an astrologer becomes a physician or conversely when a physician acts with the full knowledge of astrology do they respectively attain completeness: otherwise, their knowledge is only incomplete. Medical astrology helps us to integrate spirituality with astrology for the betterment of our own life and those of others. Medical astrology gives us the power of observation to see how the five elements of nature within our body undergo various changes at every stage of our life. Armed with this knowledge, we will be better placed to enhance the quality of our life through the modern physiology and through the ancient science of yoga.”

DATES: 20 & 21 April 2019 (Sat & Sun)

Duration : Full Day Program

Donation : Rs. 4000 /-
*Excluding accommodation
**Accommodation facility can be taken separately from Ashram Housing at nominal donation.

ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY : Basic/Intermediate level knowledge of Astrology


  • Understand how diseases can be diagnosed through birth charts of individuals and the intensity of the diseases.
  • Experiential techniques to become aware of the diseases before they occur and ways to prevent them.
  • Some simple astrological formulas to remember for quick identification of diseases.
  • Learning to identify, diagnose, provide remedial measures based on experiential case histories of the past.
  • How Yoga, Ayurveda and other techniques conducted by Art of Living can be used to augment the treatment of diseases.

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