Vaidic Jyotish Festival - English

Vaidic Jyotish Festival - Hindi

'Jyotish is the light which shines your path to Divinity.Know your path,Know your Divinity'

We invite you to join us for The annual Vaidic Jyotish Festival during Mahashivaratri at Bangalore Ashram. The Vaidic Jyotish Festival is one amongst the reoccurring events organised by Department of Jyotish and Vastu at Vaidic Dharma Sansthan with a sincere aim to promote authentic Vaidic Jyotish inspired by Gurudev SriSri Ravi Shankat Ji's vision.Join us and get in touch with senior expert Astrologers from all over the country.

Exclusive Consultations: Horscope Reading, Palmistry, Graphology and Numerology, Palm Leaf Reading, Jyotish with Homeopathy (Medical Astrology) and Vaidic Vastu.

Donation Structure:
Horoscope- Birth-chart Reading: 1000/- Matchmaking-1500/- Birth Time correction- 2000/-
Palmistry- 1500/-
Graphology & Numerology - 1500/-
Jyotish with Homeopathy - 1000/-
Vaidic Vastu- 1000/-
Palm Leaf Reading - 2000/-
Limited seats for Registrations contact
+91-8095766657 / 9538186844