Ayushya Homa Samoohika – One Time @ Vasad Ashram

one time - Ayushya Homa

Ayushya Homa is usually performed on the occasion of ones Birthday for a long and healthy life. It bestows long life, good health - physical, mental and spiritual and relief from mental trauma.

The subtle energies of the Ayushya Homa, invoke the eternal consciousness - the Shiva - within each one of us and enables us to recognize the undying and ever pure nature of consciousness. For a sadhaka, it is considered doubly auspicious to participate in the Ayushya Homa -

  • Recognizing the Eternal Consciousness
  • Enhancing the medium (the body) which enables us to live a spiritual life
 Date : Everyday

Time: 05:00 PM to 6:00 PM
For Ayushya Homa, registration must be done one day before.  If you register late, you won't be able to attend the same.


Sri Sri Gujarat Ashram,Nr. Ankalawadi Village
Vasad Sarsa Road, Vasad
Gujarat 388306 India

for more details Contact

vds.guj@gmail.com ,
+ 91 96874 30326 , +91 98255 95475 

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Samoohik Ayushya Homa
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