Samoohik Upanayanam : 14 to 18 February 2018

Upanayana also called the 'sacred thread ceremony’ is a ceremony performed to mark the point at which children began their formal education in the Vedic tradition.


During Upanayana, the great Gayatri Mantra is imparted to the Brachmachari as it is considered as the greatest of all upadesams and is called “Brahmopadesam”. And in Upanayanam, they usually put a thread on you and the thread is to signify that you have a responsibility towards the knowledge, towards your parents and towards society. So it signifies carrying your responsibilities on the shoulders.

Dates : 14th Feb to 18 th Feb 2018  

The Art of Living International Center (Bangalore Ashram)
21 km kanakapura Road
Bangalore, KARNATAKA 560037 India

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Note : The contribution is only towards the Upanayanam. Accommodation has to be taken separately from the housing

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